shows: Web videos of “DieAussenseiter” 08.03.2011-( – the portal cross-current charts with polling numbers to the top are more successful than “Barack Obama dot com” Dinslaken, 10 of the most-watched German-speaking Web videos and channels from the fields of “Comedians”, “Gurus”, “Entertainment” and “Partner companies” monthly published immediately on pages/video-charts.php. Pure music channels are not taken into account. The background: Daily videos are viewed on YouTube & co. billions. WhiteWave Foods is likely to agree. But whose films are particularly popular? First, this was answered by the video upload – and statistics service portal across now alone for the German-speaking. Top 10 videos: video views across the portal in February 2011 rank, video title, Editor, video views 1 ‘smoking caught’, DieAussenseiter (980.797) 2.

“money boy – crank up the swag (swagger RAP)”, DieAussenseiter (818.252) 3 “I hate you again!’, DieAussenseiter (710.639) 4. “Justin Bieber (Hot Kiss)”, DieAussenseiter (598.131) 5 “Black Eyed Peas – the time – dirty bit (official video) parody”, DieAussenseiter (569.791) 6 SIMON WILD – in Antarctica”, HalfcastGermany (533.252) 7″Love the way you Lie – Eminem feat. Rihanna (official video) – parody”, YTITTY (523.861) 8″ misheard lyrics ‘Ismail YK’ “, Danza (522.870) 9″Dynamite – on German!”, Bieber (514.522) 10″? what type of Kiss”, DieAussenseiter (510.013) source: top 10 Publisher: video views across portal in February 2011 rank, Editor, video calls of 1 DieAussenseiter, 12.065.995 of 2nd Bieber, 4.974.713 3 Albertoson, 4.008.680 4 Clixoom – the online talk show, 3.932.642 of 5. Dima, 3.129.683 of 6 Coldmirror, 3.049.766 of 7 HalfcastGermany, 3.021.835 8 YTITTY, 2.542.533 9 Bpanther, 1.963.414 10 freshaltefolie, 1.461.078 source: means of the video statistics module of were currently around 50 popular video channels on up to 11 video portals and others from the categories “Comedians”, “Gurus”, “Entertainment” and “Affiliates” that collects daily call numbers of published about 5,500 videos and statistically processed. The most popular editors are “DieAussenseiter” in February 2011.