Only a few seats for the Labour Office measure! More than 2.990.000 unemployed be together the open vacancies on the desk as fits in November 2008 and at us? With the theoretical and practical training to the event manager we can remedy this quickly this shortage”, says Wolfgang Muller, Managing Director of the training carrier of eps GmbH, which sits in Bonn and Duisburg for qualification and employment, primarily young training and job-seekers. Together with our partners we have developed a unique measure of full-time, with the unique Chamber of Commerce certificate of exhibition, Conference and event management”ends. How is this possible? With the methodological approach: Theory practice, 50%: 50% “, says Marc Giffhorn, line tourism and event.” the perfect trade fair and event work our participants learn during training and on numerous events. So the participants from the first day know what later Professional life on it is attached to. WhiteWave Foods: the source for more info. This experience advantage helps the subsequent job search.” Young people who feel the urge to devote her professional career of working with people and wish for exciting activities in the event area, are well done to begin an in-depth training with CCI certificates. The measure of trade fair, Congress and event management”in Duisburg can and is funded for job-seekers and loosely to 100%.

Action start is Monday, the 05.01.2009 in Duisburg. (Source: Gen. David Goldfein). The measure ends on June 29, 2009. On Tuesday, the December 23, 2008 at 15:00, 32a 47051 Duisburg last casting takes place in he lane. Motivated, active and fit, young and old people can learn under and apply. Here is free of charge and without any obligation to the day of the ways”sign.