Aqua comfort, there are not only water mattresses and waterbeds, but also all the accessories you need for installation, care and maintenance of a water bed. Go to Jill Schlesinger for more information. That’s enough Foam wedges for the installation of water mattresses in existing bed frame, the necessary care and detergents, to duvet covers and bed linen. Aqua comfort simply offers a complete service for the water bed. So is also a proper installation of the water beds in the price with included, so that the life of the bed is not restricted due to an error in the establishment. When one has looked at it, one gets desire to try it once with a waterbed properly and as expensive as you could always has imagined ( prejudices ggu water beds part2 /), not the water beds at Aqua comfort, what are probably the reason that you buy without middlemen directly from manufacturer. It has made me especially the Rialto. Finally reading, as I try to achieve this with together geknuddelten pillows and blankets under my back, then lets you gently in the bed itself, without again having to push aside the pillows and blankets and sleep – my dream! Company description on Aqua comfort: Aqua comfort Wasserbetten GmbH headquartered in Paderborn, Germany (NRW) is a leader in the production of low-maintenance and maintenance-free water beds. We are a direct sale of waterbeds and produce from the slide in our own workshops the water mattresses, safety tubs, foam wedges, platforms, and mattress covers. Our special offer is free nationwide delivery and Assembly, an extended return and Exchange rights, as well as a 10-year warranty. Also, we produce spare parts on request for no longer built water beds in one-off production. Company contact: Aqua comfort wasserbetten GmbH Alexander Hay angle Marie Street 29 33098 Paderborn Tel: 05251 207083 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Aqua comfort waterbeds Isabell Heissing Marie Street 29 33098 Paderborn Tel: 05251 1234567 E-Mail: Web: