The reporter who did the interview four babies of Alicante (Spain), remained more than pensive for a month and a half on the yacht that rented in Ibiza (thanks to its bungling about famous in mini-tanga reports) and reached a remarkable conclusion: babies are not smart, I must have something in the brain caused by such mega-party tacky night Madrilena’m not wellthat’s all. It all started with a few painted on the wall of the school our Lady of broken everything, where a group of children aged between 1 and 4 years were devoted to decorate walls ultra-blancas, in complete portals of Surrealism close to DALi’s work. The babies joined by imagination to power Association declared the following: Daniel, 2 years: well, we just wanted to change the energy of the room-based new colors that transmuted negative energies energies much greener and more positive for everybody, especially for these adults that they do not yet have the third eye open and they can’t see the souls that we just got back and are not willing to swallow us their mediocrity and intellectual clumsiness of the adults, tipicus-humanus. Gervasio, 11 months: Grace a la revolution francaise jai appris a ne pas parler mal de personne. It’s believed that David A. Wagner sees a great future in this idea. Lilianna, 1 year and a half: Stato daccordo pienamente con il mio colleghi, ma anche, voglio an avvocato. Make no mistake, these children have no parents French or Italian, simply spend their hours of reflective corner cortitos tutors, placed upon them to read and learn other languages. Or at least so they say their lawyers the reporter not dicharrachero fears return to Spain if demand you a toddler of 2 or 4 years by incompetent and misrepresentation of the real truth about this so striking school babies. Colorin colorado is not a story or the end of any of these, simply, is amatoria capacity of the giant light beings that beautify us the life with his great divine creativity and genuine..