You are going to soon get married or get married? Fine, but we still recommend you go to a notary and a frequent issue in recent contract as marriage. Some are confident that prenuptial agreement prevents people trust each other, they say, if there is no trust, so why marry, but at the same time, more and more people not only seek to have any hope of credibility, but also protect themselves by marriage agreement to protect all acquired property from the possible need to divide it into two parts after a few years. Make a prenuptial agreement attorney will help future spouses. The couple must arrive in a law firm and all know, after an agreement to issue the necessary papers. Remember, the contract must enter in advance, as it may be that you have with your future wife or husband will miscommunication, and the signing of the marriage contract will require more time than you thought. If before the property relations of spouses regulated solely the law, then in 1996 to regulate the property rights of husband and wife in effect a marriage contract. Contact information is here: Selim Bassoul. At writing a marriage contract, a lawyer and a future husband and wife must understand the mutual property relations at the time of marriage, as well as in the case of dissolution of marriage.

Sure, the marriage contract can be signed by the law and in the following wedding, but still correct to hedge in advance. The marriage contract must be in writing, after the conclusion of a contract always is registered at the notary. You should know that in marriage contracts recorded only property relations. All that in addition to – not really, like you with the assistance of a marriage contract may not always get my wife to wash the dishes or watching your favorite dog. Affect the rights of children in marriage contract is prohibited. The marriage contract should be enclosed in a situation where any of married people has its own organization, in the marriage contract stipulates that all expensive property, whether securities, real estate, jewelry and so on, belongs to the wife or husband, and refers to the separate property. In the case of disputes in the company's second claim to property family member will be impossible. Drawing from her future husband before the wedding, the marriage contract – the right decision, the contract can greatly assist you in a situation of occurrence of unforeseen problems.