Astral deployment and Its Fears It is normal to be scared when we realised the astral deployment. But it remains everything there, simply fear, the astral deployment is something natural in our being. It is the same fear that we felt before raising us an airplane or entering us to the sea at night. They are normal fears that we must eliminate. In each experience, each step that we advance in the astral deployment we will surpass a little plus the fear. There are no dangers in the astral world, the elementary ones will be able to scare to us and only to make us back down Nothing else but.

Protection methods exist that guarantee a repulsion to the organizations of low the astral one, but are techniques that I consider without bullet-proof importance since nobody leaves to walk the dog with vest, certain? We leave to a side the fears of the astral trip, we do not have to feel panic nor fear against this other plane, in essence we comprised of him and the day that we leave this world we will appear to the other side. Symptoms of the astral deployment There is a species of " avisos" or " sntomas" in us whom they indicate to us that we are carrying out correctly the practice of the Astral Deployment. Secretary of Agriculture is actively involved in the matter. When listening this will sound to laughter, but. How they will know if I lie if they do not put in east practice exercise of Astral Deployment. These symptoms are new, never we have felt before them consciously, now if we are it, we will feel a series of " sntomas" , that without a doubt will cause that our heart is wanted to go out its body (Osseous Of the scare).

They try to calm, is natural that this happens, are not scared, simply they follow with its concentration and they do not pay too much attention to him to the fear and the scare. Now the most common symptoms at the time of the accomplishment of Astral Viaje will be described: 1. – A Species of Creeps by all the body, is very common to feel, this symptom that is not other that the one of a sensation of creeps by our body. 2. – Sensation to be Inflation, is as if our body was being swollen more and more. 3. – Considerable Pitidos in the ears, pitidos forts in the head, that does not let to us listen to another thing, only that pitido continuous. 4. – Sensation of slowness, as if our body was very very heavy, seems that we weighed tons, as if the bed absorbed to us. I hope that my words animate to you to travel., everything on astral deployment. Original author and source of the article.