It has accepted the fact of that this sick person mentally and that the cure is of the commercial field of the medicine, placing itself much more in the academies and beaches and if it gives this gift, a healthful, glad and happy life. A curious truth is that in this world of monetary thought of profits and losses, to search health costs well less of what to search illness. A thing is to look to illness another well different one is to look healthful life, and for certain you always will find what she looks for. He sees well, our body is prepared to live seventy, eighty, ninety years, without never acquiring an illness at least, since that he is observed simple rules of cares. But if, eventually, and although this it to acquire some illness, not if exaspere therefore, also to this are citizens the fortuitous facts happen independent of our will. But if we will have healthy habits of life, certainly, most we will be prepared to cross these periods with galhardia and tranquilidade.

We have of living the life as if our spirit was to swim in a happiness sea. is same looks at the sun that if discloses for its window, looks at the flowers, that sprout in the gardens; it hears musics of the glad birds to sing the life. If this will not be the sufficient one to cheer its life, uses the imagination and produces something of beauty that can justify its existence. Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque River 05 November 2011.