Reforest monthly from 33 euro per a tropical tree with the BaumSparVertrag. With economic, ecological and social return on investment! The BaumSparVertrag of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance is not to be confused with the classic concept. The concept is a global investors complete with a building society. Is he not used to finance construction projects, he is nowadays often unprofitable. In the BaumSparVertrag, however, grows tropical forest as a sustainable investment with attractive economic, social and environmental returns, see hereinafter the main differences in the two types of investment: the BaumSparVertrag is an investment in ecological timber afforestation on former pasture land.

From 33 euro per month or one-time 360 euro -, a year depending on a hardwood tree per month on a lease area of 125 m 2 will be planted and maintained sustainable. The minimum deposit period is one year. The price includes all costs are already sustainable selective harvest BaumSparVertrag is a predicted yield of approximately 4% to 9%, current rating is also tax-free. More information can be obtained also in the explanatory video on 10 years BaumSparVertrag – with an attractive competition: this year the BaumSparVertrag will celebrate its tenth anniversary. There were over 6,000 BaumSparer sure that nearly 300 acres pasture area permanently were – afforested with mixed forest an area the size of the Berlin Wannsee since 2003.

This year, new customers participate in a raffle with attractive monthly price. For information, see id = BaumSparVertrag 1846 profitable, ecological and largely secure forest investment: at the BaumSparVertrag there are a variety of collateral, such as a fire insurance, after planting, diversification of risk through crop community, mixed forest management, asset liability and five percent safety areas. The aim is: natural yield from the real value forest combined with highest possible safety. To do this, ForestFinance has developed a comprehensive safety concept over the years.