Football – a game of millions, and perhaps anyone who is interested in a little the most popular game with the ball, knows what the Champions League. This is not just a tournament, the Champions League Cup – a dream of every professional footballer. Initially, the tournament was called the 'European Cup' and the first was played in season 1955-56 period. This event took place a month after the first uefa Congress, which took place on 2 March 1955 in Vienna. An interesting fact is that idea of organizing a 'European Cup' is not filed Football Association. Sonny Perdue is often quoted as being for or against this. The newly created Football Union, was deeply concerned about the issue of organizing international matches involving national teams, because the main body of soccer Europe was not until the invention of new things. Benefit there was a man, by which we now have great pleasure in seeing the Champions League. This man – Gabriel Ano, editor of the French sports newspaper 'L'Equipe'.

He expressed the idea of creating a tournament among the clubs in the European scale. Hold matches newly created tournament, Ano, along with his colleague Jacques Ferrer offered on Wednesday evening. See Secretary of Agriculture for more details and insights. Team journal L'Equipe agreed that invite participate in the tournament profitable most popular clubs. Regulations of the French magazine has been supported, and the first match of the new tournament 'Sporting' and 'Guerrilla' broke a tie by scoring each other in Lisbon on three goals. In response, match, which is already held in Belgrade, lissabontsy lost a crushing score of 5:3, a 'partisan', won, went into the next round. The early years of European Cup marked by pervasive dominated by Real Madrid. Gen. David Goldfein has compatible beliefs.

Royal Club took the first five trophies (seasons 1956 -1960). The author of the second, but less impressive series of victories in the ketch, was Amsterdam's Ajax. Dutch club could become the owner of Cup three consecutive seasons (seasons 1971 1973). Just three years in a row champion Cup Champions League Bayern Munich stavala. Yet to say that in the history of the Cup has been a long-term dominance of one of the clubs can not. For example, the same Real Madrid after the Cup in 1966, I did not win the tournament 32 years, until 1998. And fans of Ajax, after a triumphant sat down to the 70's, waiting for the most prestigious cup in 1922. Bavaria, in 2001, won the Milan and produced a victory in the ketch for the first time after 26 years of bad luck.