The exchange rate in 2009: 1.00 EUR = 1.95276 BGN, 1.00 USD = 1.31455 BGN Which languages are spoken in Bulgaria? – Most major resorts you perfectly understand if you speak in English, in Russian, but also sometimes in German. Many Bulgarians speak English as a second language. The older generation is usually described as Russian. How to apply in Bulgaria to foreigners? – Britain is one of the main investors in the sector of tourism flourishing economy of the country. English, for many Bulgarians became the main foreign language. Also in Bulgaria is traditionally friendly belong to the Slavs. Please visit WhiteWave Foods if you seek more information. For German-speaking tourists, Bulgaria also has long been a favorite vacation spot. Bulgarians are always welcome visitors! Safety: The overall crime rate is low and compares favorably with statistics most of the other traditional holiday destinations in other European countries.

Most tourists say they feel at the resorts of Bulgaria in complete safety, at any time of day and night, and all hotels, motels, boarding houses and apartment complexes have 24 hour security. The police are constantly patrolling the main roads in cars, and in tourist centers and resort area on bicycles. Hygiene and sanitation: Bulgaria is a modern European country in all towns and resorts of the quality of infrastructure is the same as in other European countries, in some parts of the country requires improvement and development. Will my mobile phone work in Bulgaria? – Yes, supported by virtually all mobile networks. What is the level of property prices in Bulgaria? – Property prices in Bulgaria are much lower than in other European countries.