Reliance under the pipeline – the overriding component heat-conducting system. It is designed to redistribute loads from the pipeline to the supporting structure. Reliance under the pipeline, are divided on the mobile (moving, roller, ball, spring, head-direction) and nesemnye (Weld, Clamp, thrust). Sliding bearing vosprinimaet themselves a lot of the pipeline system, allowing the pipeline unimpeded fluctuate with changes in temperature. Fixed bearing is installed in certain places the pipeline sensing loads that occur at these points when changing temperature conditions. Production support pipelines now normalized and standardized normals engineering.

Their use is mandatory for all design, installation and construction organizations. In spelled all sizes of parts support for pipelines allowable load on the metal support, including from the friction of sliding bearings. Supports must withstand the stresses inherent in the state standards and regulatory documents. After the release of details of pressures on them should not come tears.