In order to avoid premature adhesion to maintain the glove. After shrinkage of the glove should fit encircle the shell and tube in the veins of the cable. Along the perimeter of a glove with its ‘fingers’ should be noticeable speaking melted glue. 7. At the end face of the cable core with an adhesive sublayer to wear second * ‘ heat shrinkable tube number 3, so that they came to the fingers gloves to stop and sit down, since shrinkage of the fingers gloves. Stranded cable clip on the center line of a hacksaw, remove the metal filings.

8. With cable will remove phase power isolation at a distance equal to half the length and connective sleeve. To avoid scratches on the veins when removing the insulation, the last layers of insulation paper to remove without a knife (raspletka with a cliff). Wipe inner surface of the sleeve and the exposed parts of living tissue, soaked in gasoline or acetone, and stranded wire, cable mass impregnated wipe with a tissue soaked with solvent abundantly several times so as to best take of them impregnating mass. Make sure that the inside liner is no residual cleaning material.

Clean the exposed areas of living, first protect the insulation from falling metal filings. Put the wire tube cuff 4 (translucent) to isolate the contact connection ‘, pushing them to the root cutting. 9. Connect the cable core with shell casings from the breakaway bolts (or any other way: soldering, crimping). Without breaking the head, evenly tighten all the bolts, fixing the wires. Breaking the head, starting with the bolts. Then tear the head of the central bolt (bolt heads sequence of failure is shown in figure). Clean and degrease the sleeve and adjacent parts of the tubes that are shrink sleeves to insulate the connecting bolts protruding edges gilz.