In the collective imagination of separation and divorce are viewed as two alternative pathways through which puts an end to the dreams and aspirations built next to another person. In other words, a break is seen as the end of a whole way of life, and in any case as the beginning of a different and perhaps better. When the continued conflict in a marriage leads to a rupture, usually given a mixture of many feelings: disappointment, failure, anger, helplessness, iraa to overcome this and move forward will depend largely on the ability for anyone going through this situation to acquire a broad support network, made up of both family and by friends who can help reassure and emotionally at the time of such uncertainty. Things are even tougher when the couple had children together, as well as being forced to deal with their own feelings about the end of their relationship, the former spouses should ensure that that fact affect on little as possible for their children. After all, after any break as healthy usually always cut off all contact with the former partner to avoid unnecessary suffering and banish all sorts of unrealistic dreams about a reconciliation that will never occur. This is not only possible but not advisable if you have common children, as well by their parents should maintain a good mutual relationship, marked by continuous contact and collaboration in everything that could refer to those. What can we do to each situation? a.

If the idea of divorce left you, and it was not readily accepted by your partner, will require that you face it with all the consequences, seeing you obligated to explain your aa family and social environment. It should say here that, in any case, it would be necessary a process of reflection and meditation before taking any step. The precipitation could play against you. In many cases, people who really wanted to divorce their partners used the weapon of disruption as a means of pressure and eventually find themselves without that person you loved and needed. b. If the divorce I would have been imposed by your partner, you should be prepared for all possible consequences, including:-the changes in your economic and financial situation. -a The marked change in lifestyle, leaving to live with someone who was your partner for a long time.

“To have to face a stage of insecurities, fears and fear of the unknown. -To rethink every aspect of your life, reflecting what was what went wrong, so you can avoid falling into the same mistakes in future relationships. Alcaine Basin Begona lawyer specializing in Matrimonial and Family Law in resolving marital conflicts. I invite you to visit the site, where you’ll find extensive information on these topics.