To make the recognition of the professional as a whole, is a success and rightness way, but mainly as the collaborator and the company reacts at moments of error and failure. ' ' To be competent is related with a good performance in one determined task, what it does not guarantee that this performance will be good always. To have ability for the accomplishment of a task means to have compatible knowledge, abilities and attitudes with the performance of it and to be capable to place this potential in practical whenever he will be necessrio' '. (RABAGLIO, 2004). The organization must be worried attraction after and development of talentos also in holding back them, preventing the increase of the rotation inside of the company, since when the institution loses a talent for the market, loses also capital human being, again importance is strengthened it to hold back and the importance of the human differential for the success of the institution. With the valuation of the compensation, the plans of social benefits, hygiene security of the work, and also of the working relations, trend of the organizations is to hold back a bigger parcel of talentos of what if politics of human capital did not have these, since of this form, the company starts to value its collaborators, demonstrating that the people are basic in the full and satisfactory performance of the activities of the company, contributing for the growth and development of the organization.

working 1.1Relaes and the Retention of Talentos the working relations also characterize an important one half to hold back the human talent in the organizations, mainly in the innovative models of management of people and in the new existing relations between company and collaborator. The importance of the working relations is boarded subject for Chiavenato (2003, P. 150) to follow: ' ' The subsystem of maintenance of the human resources of an organization involves also and mainly the relationship of the proper organization with the representative entities of its employees, that is, with the unions.