A power pastorala a , which manages to exert a driving work spiritual individuals, because it establishes and sets out the social structures and channels of production of human subjectivity. Thus, the construction of subjectivity is not a free and spontaneous. Through the intervention of social structures created from the power, it makes the deployment behavior of the individual becomes an extension of tax schemes. a In this work, we are asked to do an a profundidada entrevista in an individual (in this case two), and we need to do some indications of the meaning of this form of interviews: First, such techniques the qualitative or structural uses the researcher, being part of the research process, actively involved in the process of meaning in the objects examined as part of a reality that is constructed dialectically. a The investigator must develop a frame within which it must conduct the interview, the unstructured interview is flexible, but is controladaa .

Quoted by George Lapassade, 1991, p. 46. a is directed (intentionally so with a script specific to it) to capture (in a concrete and comprehensive), analyze and interpret significant aspects of behavior and differential representations of the subjects and / or investigadosa groups. And how said Morin (1995): appropriations by the same token, this qualitative approach, inherent in deep motivational research, requires precisely the free expression by the interviewed subjects of news interest metodologicoa a . Furthermore, it should be noted that Mead (1972) and refers to the technologies of self and how subjectivity is constructed through this instrument that formalized Rogerian perspective: the interview.