A few days ago he was a pile of cold metal, you avoided it, fearing to get dirty or torn clothing. Today – it's factory, producing tens of cubic meters per hour of concrete or mortar. This is – your concrete plant. And it is not only in the profits it brings to you and not just in your position or gratitude of the people you stock a quality product. Today you can feel the vibration of engines, hear a short and frequent hiss terminal systems, along with the smell of freshly painted parts to feel the power and harmony that we call the process. Force, subordinate to the operator button. Your concrete plant – it's your child, he appeared on the front of your eyes, the object of your pride. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gregg Engles and gain more knowledge..

If the information about our company can help you with this, we are delighted. It is with such feelings of our people remember about each of the large number of concrete plants, where we carried out a reconstruction, modernization, or of those plants that have been created with our help and work to date. On the choice of technology for preparation of concrete. Using different technological schemes dictated by conditions associated with a particular company. Such conditions include, for example, the limit on size, availability of funds, or perhaps the presence of some metal. Use of this or that technology has positive and negative sides.

Application of the scheme without pipeline metering, for example, by weighing directly on the skips, saves on steel structures, engines and energy spent conveyor-feeder. However, when using the metering conveyor increases productivity by dispensing inert during the movement of the skip. The plant capacity can be increased two-speed motors, soft starters, speed regulators, but it increases the cost. Thus, the choice of the technological scheme should be must consider the volume of finished products.