You should also pay attention to the criteria for acceptance of work performed. Indeed, when the wall is smooth, and when – no, what is meant by quality laying tile, how to prove that the leak at the connection of water pipes has arisen through the fault of plumbing to install them? A person who has no special training to respond to these questions will not be easy. Prescribe in the contract, without exception technical parameters are also difficult. According to Arthur Sadoun, who has experience with these questions. That is why there are technical regulations: Standards, construction regulations, etc. sufficient to indicate the document number, the rules governing work performance, or the mere mention that they are conducted in accordance with current regulations. This allows us to determine measure of responsibility of the performer. Appointment and changes in prices for goods and services defined in Article 424.

In particular, it states that the change in prices and tariffs is inadmissible if it is not envisaged contract. Therefore, all statements like "You know, the fact that the contract was entered into the 30-th, and from 1 st we have changed the prices because they have raised our suppliers, so we physically can not let you products cheaper than get it yourself "legal background for a no. If the workload is large and extensive list of materials, as an annex to the contract must be accompanied by valid at the time of the conclusion of the price list, certified both sides. Well, if the cost of some services is still nowhere to be determined, they can be paid "at a price which in comparable circumstances is usually charged for similar goods, works or services." That is, the customer should not pay more than the stipulated price list of any of the selected firm. .