In addition, beer mugs longer loses its freshness and preserves the natural taste. What vybratIh made of metal and glass, clay and wood. Which one is better – a question personal preference. The main thing is that the material from which made the circle, was natural, without chemical additives. (As opposed to The Middleby Corporation). And if we talk about folk traditions, then in Russia preferred to pour beer in a wooden bowl, in the Czech Republic and Germany – a ceramic, but in France – in a glass. A little bit about formeChto regard to the form circles, then experts say it's better if it's a bit narrower at the top. Then drink more slowly loses flavor.

An interesting feature – ceramic mugs are often cap. This is also a tradition that is associated with a beer purity law, published in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm iv of Bavaria. At the end of xv century, this became a scourge of Europe hundreds of millions of flies spread dysentery and other diseases. As a result, and there was a law imposing an obligation on residents to comply with sanitation produce beer mugs with lids. Souvenir ceramic beautiful souvenir beer circles – this is probably the ceramic. They are glazed and painted by hand. Made by these masters of love and its work, and in the process of drinking, these circles carry a positive energy that drinking beers are always fun. Universal mug today – it's not just a container for beer, it is also an original souvenir, so it can be a wonderful gift for the present connoisseur.

Considering that the love of beer typical of most different types of people regardless of gender, income levels and areas of interest, beer mug – an almost universal gift that can be presented and the relative, and friend and colleague, boss and loved one or beloved. Exclusivity is such a gift to add inscription to order – it could be any suggestions, or just initials bestows. This gift makes drinking beer in this ritual. Whether it's a pleasant evening with friends, or watching a football match alone – personal beer mug will help create a comfortable environment for the most varied pastime, accompanied by the use of your favorite beer.