Starting from hunting animals to obtain their food and their skins man began to discover that it could use them for cover from the cold and extreme temperatures, until today where the development of synthetic materials like nylon and spandex for our everyday clothes. All this speaks of the way in which we integrate ourselves into society and as it influences us. Secretary of Agriculture is actively involved in the matter. In this way fashion can be interpreted as that universal language that resembles music, brings us all together with a same purpose, look a style or follow a trend that seems attractive for a reason that is special for everyone. Undoubtedly the passage of time has done to give importance to our clothes, since she speaks of many aspects of our lives. On the strength of our personality and how we want others to see us. Hence the various trends that have developed speaks of each of these aspects. More info: Jack Fusco.

For example in the 1960s hippie movement spoke to us of freedom and rights, the clothing was comfortable, loose, girls they wore bands that decorated a beautiful long and smooth hair that waved in the wind, all signals are that were accessories that demonstrated that the person was totally free. Then with the arrival of the 80s everything seemed a little more glamorous, hair was with very elaborate waves and sheer dresses and even bright silks as they appear in the film Saturday night fever. In the 1990s, fashion was well marked by the music world, where bands such as New Kids On The Block were precursors and later became a Britney Spears charged details for girls. Piercings and tattoos became also a space where the cult of fashion was transformed into what our body I wanted to express. Finally when the new millennium arrived in principle of the 2000 technology had an impact on the world of fashion without a doubt, now most people dared to express their opinions and ideas related to those feelings that are not so agreeable to man as sadness or anger, this through trends many times Gothic and punk mixed with a touch of heavy metal.

It is thus demonstrated that as human beings we have evolved in a language that goes beyond the word or gesture. The language of fashion is that expression which is manifested through fabrics, shapes and colors, and which each who is free to think and make better use of what you think. Fashion we identify, why we at clothing stores, outlet clothing and other sites to find our identity with branded apparel or other clothing that will make us feel good.