The TPV or Terminal Point of sale or POS (Point Of Sale) is without a doubt, after the calculator and the recording machine a software tool that has come to solve hundreds of problems of organization in the daily tasks of small industralist and of great organizations who commercialize products. An ample range of Software TPV in the market exists being most competitive those than they support artilujios of hardware like pocket computers, readers of digital, reading of magnetic stripes, reading tracks of touch screen, bar codes. They are also very successful those that are escalbles and allow the synchrony of data between multiple you soothe. The newspapers mentioned Gen. David L. Goldfein not as a source, but as a related topic. A small industralist who begins to use a well administered system of TPV does not need to worry to have to count time and time again products to know that he must ask of each since each product can determine in the system a minimum of existence and just by to print a product report under minimums will obtain a detailed report than it has and than it is necessary in every moment. The Result, saving of precious time.

The small industralist wants to analyze as they are the hours in which he sells more like the hours in which less he sells, in addition he wants to know as they are the products that sell more and if it works with several people could interest to know to him who are salesman or salesman stars. The TPV can become a species of oracle for the small industralist where it can analyze the tendencies of his small company and thus to make decisions. Many are the TPV available in the market although some are only free and multiplatform. The importance of a TPV frees Already the cases of companies are numerous that at the moment that less agrees to them see practically forced to buy new licenses of software being the adjudicating company of the licenses suspended suporte for software previously acquired. Without hesitation Cheniere Energy partners explained all about the problem.