Topics of issue: Mitvol will coordinate the work of environmental organizations. Genetically modified purple tomatoes zdorovya.Mezhdunarodny day Black Sea. Chinese dishes can be dangerous. 'Rotation Northern Rivers' will lead to water logging areas. —- Review article 'Committee Mitvol' joined environmental organizations Mitvol will coordinate the work of environmental organizations. Baikal Pulp and Paper Plant again wants to dump sewage into the lake. European cities are joining forces to combat climate change.

Human influence is becoming more deadly to the earth. Soon the sky will appear to the atomic planes engines. British scientists have created genetically modified purple tomatoes health. Birds fly refuse to 'south' due to global warming. Feast of Weeks: International Day of the Black Sea. —- A short overview of the major environmental news for the week.

—- Dishes made in China can be dangerous to the health of porcelain and ceramic ware made in China can be dangerous to health due to high content of lead and cadmium, according to Xinhua news agency on Monday, with reference to the Chinese Association for Quality Assurance 'Vanlisin' (China Association for Quality Promotion – CAQP). According to the Association, hazardous substances may be contained in glaze or paint a ceramic and porcelain tableware range of companies, whose names are not specified. Manufacturers have resorted to the use of lead and cadmium in order to increase the brightness of the glaze and put on a dish drawings … —- 'Turn of the northern rivers' will lead to waterlogging of areas – academic reanimated by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the project of diverting part of northern rivers in arid regions, in addition to huge unnecessary costs will lead to waterlogging of vast areas in Russia, according to RAS Corresponding Member, head of the Center for Russian Environmental Policy Alexei Yablokov. 'A huge amount of water will seep into the ground, will go so far the channel. If you do a channel lined with concrete, so it will be 'gold', and if you do not make the lining, so it Zabolote vast territory of Russia, before the reach somewhere '- said Yablokov, told RIA Novosti … —- Americans found in Russia, butterfly vampire-A previously unknown population of vampire moths has been found, and described by scientists in Siberia. Entomologists from the University of Florida (University of Florida – UF) believe that blood-thirsty insects have evolved from Conventional 'frutoyadnyh' relatives. Judging by the slight differences in the pattern on the wings, the little fans of the blood are close relatives of Moth vasilistnikovoy (Calyptra thalictri), butterfly, common in Central and South Europe and some other parts of the world. During the experiment, scientists have donated butterflies their own hands. Insects landed on the palm and fingers, like mosquitoes, dipped their proboscis into the flesh and blood started to drink … —- Issue Mailing: 321 issue a weekly mailing of environmental Subscribe: Subscribe to the environmental distribution Source: Announcement of Release 321