Because it formerly was a problem, simply to look at what.! In times of globalisation, with highly specialized jobs and many unemployed, however, this variant works only rarely. Therefore we recommend well-educated and highly trained forces, to organize in appropriate business networks. XING and LinkedIn are the most professional social networks in this area. Experts in the field of network optimization talk in a time of two hours per week and contact incredibly, if you look at some user with well over a thousand contacts. But not alone deciding the quantity of contact lists, friends or followers according to social network type the labels are different so the quality, i.e. maintaining contacts is critical to a successful use.

“Me too” user have not yet understood that: they are often logged into all possible networks because to do just that and all that “. So lose the networks but their sense. Because they live by the active Exchange and intensive transfer of knowledge. Who is so profiled and actively brings in such a network, positive striking potential customers, clients and the potential next boss. The adherence to the label remains essential but also on a field so far as an Internet community. Who is looking after orders or a new job, which makes any party pictures in the net, not to disparage his former boss and holds back even better in private discourse. This realization is recently at who wishes to work, that not only themselves, but also recruiters and recruiter in social networks are on the way. Because these networks on one side not only work, but are open also to non-registered user: zero privacy. Social networking for a new job.