It is created inside of the Federal University of the Piau. Beyond carrying through seminary on the History of the black People search to implement studies on Africa in the public schools. The Frum de Black Entidades was an instrument of fight for the black citizenship suffers to a shock politician due the confrontation from differentiated diverse position, but for cultural circumstances and politics they shake, when the black movement was interrupted after to finish it, after the access of some members the positions in the government, then, the activities organization that joined the diverse trends of the black movement of the Piau finishes individualizando the fights in favor of the racial equality, lacking to an agenda directed politics the suffered black community without job and social and economic exit. It lacks a strategical one of release. 3. Of 2000 in ahead Before the crack the Frum of black entities of the Piau if it articulates for the National Frum of combat to racism with support of the State and the City hall of Rio De Janeiro. The black Movement of Floriano, through Elineuza Teresina visit and makes cultural presentation for the pupils of the Religare College. It was a show very made well by artists of the urban land of quilombo.

The APNs participates of the Meeting of Pastoral American Latin Afro in Salvador. Where afro with macroecumenical celebration with Group had Cult. After creation of a cultural project the apia Ford Foundation black entities of the Piau. At this time the Group of black Women Hope Garci’a is officialized. The Group Thing of Black obtains headquarters for events and activities of auto-esteem, beyond festival for the afropiauiense community, with support of leaderships likeable politics the cause of the black culture. Another newness happened in 2004, where the rearticulao of official the black movement in Esperantina with support of State the Kolping Community and its direction is made.