Yes, I will not be difficult to strain, lean and overcome any trail, no matter how difficult it may be. ” Will not assert that such was the reasoning for all participants of arrival, but the outcome of the race showed that almost all car owners hoping to go in vain “for past merit.” Most cars are simply not reached Finish: stuck, overturned, or simply break. Check out Air Force Chief of Staff for additional information. The reason that the fans have failed, it was not only that they were forced to work on the result of trying to squeeze out of their cars with a maximum possible – at the end all, to drive fast, they had before. Gore-riders, especially, have been discouraged by the discovery that in spite of looking like a normal race riding, extreme driving at speed is quite single other discipline. And the behavior of the driver is dictated entirely by other laws, sharply different from those which they are accustomed to be guided in their daily lives. And a street fight with the apparent similarity with fight in the hall – a completely different section of martial arts, having little to do with sports, or rather, not having hardly any points of contact with the sports fray.

Moreover, it leads to special rules, more precisely, without rules, so there are other laws. In a street fight you can whip out a knife and grab a brick, you can poke a stick in the eye and strike back, we can beat the lying opponent can be attacked with ten men for one. At the same time defeated enemy can humiliate, disfigure, finally, to kill. Everything is a little reminiscent of a gentlemen’s boxing gloves. (Of course, the words “may,” I am not referring to the wording of resolution, say, ten of attack on One, I’m just stating the features that can find a typical street fight, and to which should be ready any fighter collided with a crowd of “thugs.”) output from said simply: anyone who wants to prepare itself for successful anti-real, “flesh” criminals, should study a street fight as a separate discipline, organizing , which would take into account the real situation that could happen in a street fight. Only then will the skills learned in sport you will be able to find at least some application to life outside the gym. * Learn the techniques of street fighting is not difficult (for the appropriate training, we say in the next chapter). It would be a desire, and experience – it can be acquired.

Much harder to ensure that the other component – the psychological preparedness to participate in a street fight. The problem is that the perpetrators are very often the original advantage over law-abiding citizens, whose nature lies in the motive, is pushing them to crime. Despite its simplicity, the subject is poorly covered in literature on a street fight, so dwell on this aspect of professional psychology in more detail.