New: target group specific of templates by project-open -an open project of source management software, which allows to reproduce complete business processes of SMEs.project-open provides individual templates available that allow exact adaptation to the needs. To observe all project and control, all threads must converge in each company at a specific point. There is talk of a project management office (PMO) in the context of projects here. project-open a special PMO template available which allows project-oriented it-working companies to introduce a centralized control over all of its processes and to achieve a large transparency is now. Working project work forms the basis of securing the future of today’s companies. For project work can succeed, is supported by appropriate IT systems makes sense. Allows including the Web-based software suite project-open a clear presentation of all projects in the enterprise.

At a glance, the status can of all individual projects collects and action requirements are detected. Due to the modular design, the software can be configured that the components on the individual needs of the company can be aligned. The already-implemented core functionality can be used, moreover, the system can be expanded but also as desired or adapted by configuring workflows exactly on the needs of each company. A workshop analyzes the technical and professional requirements, visualize business processes that may be optimized and in project-open pictured. Regardless of the implementation of the software the cornerstones for process optimization are placed here: alone confronting the common procedures and processes promotes change evident, which can have large effects on the targeted optimization.

Opportunities, which can contribute to an improvement of the processes are first recognized and named, the complementary usage of an IT solution is quite reasonable. At the end of the workshop, a configured and adapted to the needs of the company basic installation is by project-open ready. In particular the new special PMO version – as a standalone project-open – template – good provides a basis for the illustration of all essential business processes, which are essential for an optimal control of project-oriented working company. The special feature of this version is that she can depict the utilization and capacity of all staff with the help of different graphics comparing. project-open is a valuable tool in the project to improve procedures and processes. If the possibilities and opportunities for innovation are discovered, such software allows an optimum control and control its project portfolio.