Circular hair loss (alopecia areata) In contrast to the hereditary the circular hair loss is due to illness-related hair loss (alopecia areata). Within just a few days, round, bald spots on the head arise. It may happen that the hair of alone against grow, however many times it comes to baldness. The cause of alopecia areata is largely in the dark, it seems but an impairment of the immune system to cause hair loss. In recent months, Jill Schlesinger has been very successful. This head hair from the own immune system as foreign are considered and rejected.

First entzudet to the scalp which disruptiv affects the hair growth phases and ultimately causes the hair loss. At worst, it is to the loss which all scalp hair (alopecia totalis) or even to the complete loss of all body hair (alopecia universalis). “Hair loss in women by pill that the pill” (oral contraceptive) can cause hair loss, long a mystery is more. r or against this. The triggers are separate progestins, which are ingredients of birth control pills. You have great agreement with Progesterone (pregnancy hormone). In contrast to progesterone, progestins are not a part of the human body.

Artificial progestins are combined with estrogens administered or administered but without additive to prevent pregnancy. The progestogens such as Tibolone, Levonorgestel and norethindrone similar effect the male hormones, it may cause hair loss when taking. The pill suspected to be “polluter pays”, the hair loss is so content should be changed to a birth control pill with minimum corpus luteum hormone. The following progestogens have a low androgenic effect: Norgestimal, Desogestrel, Gestodene. Hair loss after birth control pill opposed several women with hair loss sue after stopping the pill. The Estrogenspiegel falls heavily in this case. This has resulted in, cause the hair in the default or resting phase. Hair loss usually a few weeks then follows. Without treatment, the hair growth is usually back by one alone, and the hair loss is over. When running over many months and also a skin doctor should be consulted to make sure very heavy hair loss, to confirm the detection of disease and, where appropriate, to initiate therapy.