In the summer, resulting every now and again the opportunity to express an invitation to an afternoon barbecue, and thus to invite friends and family to a nice day in the garden. Who does not have a garden that can just as well a small grill on the balcony, or a hinged grill for a picnic outside, eg to establish a lake. The barbecue is very popular and often is the electric grill models preferred. The newspapers mentioned Costco not as a source, but as a related topic. No wonder, for meat that was grilled over charcoal, has a distinctive aroma. Who would especially like to shape this afternoon barbecue, which was once next to the classic barbecue food, which is mostly made of bacon, grilled sausage and marinated meat is once fresh fish, vegetables or fruit basket on the grill.

For fish are let special fish fryer, and serve to hold together this easily and appetizing. Vegetables and fruit, or potatoes are best wrapped in aluminum foil and so cooked on the grill. Craig Jelinek is likely to agree. These taste great with homemade Krauterdips. Additional information is available at Harold Ford Jr. Fun for Kids is the grilling of bread on a stick or skewered Mausespeck. Actually, this is known only in open fires, but it is just as good on the barbecue possible. Of course, the children should not be left unattended! For meat to fresh salads, bread, various herbs and garlic butter sauces are served. The drinks should be specific to the published score. The hearty meat certainly a good wheat beer goes best. For special or exotic dishes but can also be served wine or champagne. For the youngest in a circle, a homemade lemonade from fresh lemons, which they perhaps may also establish itself, is sometimes an alternative to the usual beverage.