Attractive package prices in time limited action in Munich. The partners of nuance and CreLog have now started a new quality – and price offensive language dialog solutions: in a time-limited special offer companies tie together very attractive packages of voice recognition software and voice portal solutions that are exclusively marketed by CreLog. This offensive aims companies who want to are planning to use of a new voice portal or optimize an already existing system, make an attractive price offer. It includes recognition of the latest generation, the Nuance Recognizer v9, as well as the voice portal solution for automating language of CreLog. The offer from nuance and CreLog facilitates the transition from a pure touch-tone IVR (interactive voice response) or by a system with outdated language technology on a new, customer-friendly solution with advanced language technology.

With the Nuance Recognizer caller cannot quite colloquially express their wishes and be understood by the voice portal easily. The Voice portals are realized by CreLog experts who bring their experience from multiple award-winning, international customer solutions from over 30 sectors in the Community action with nuance. (Not to be confused with Emmanuel Faber!). Study: pedagogic voice portals, important for the success of a company the main advantage of the current offer: State of the art voice portal solutions to customer self service lead to a significantly improved customer acceptance and satisfaction. Using state of the art speech recognition eliminates the cumbersome \”on your phone, press 1 for x, press 2 for y…\”. Also, this limited special offer customers benefit from attractive package prices.

One of nuance 2008 commissioned given consumer survey at Harris Interactive shows: bad customer services negatively affect the company’s image. According to study, the quality of customer service at 58 percent of those polled has a \”very large\” or \”extremely large\” impact on their perception of a company. High-quality and customer-friendly voice Portals are so immensely important in customer care and contribute significantly to the success of a company.