In order to begin I must clarify that I am not a psychologist, and who the knowledge that I have on the subject derive from the multiple times which I went to the same by similar problems, which this next is of optional character, nobody this forced to follow what comment next. My history: I create to be able to describe to me like a person without complexes, but that the disinformation of my relatives managed to cause that I had doubts on my same one. some of the familiar negative conducts that had my era to say to me that I felt than the others less, although not even knew that he was that, with time finishes condicionandome to that I believed to be smaller than the others. When the damage was already done, they decided to begin to take to me with psychologists; The graceful thing of the subject is that it never was only with the psychologist, so there was no form to relieve to me although it is partially, since it always felt that my action serian described. It went until it arrives at the secondary one, when comenz to understand my problem and to find the true solutions problem. problem: If the low self-esteem is not controlled, it can trigger depression and until the suicide, this must that the people who with low self-esteem, not only feel like inferiors, but they interpret that they do not matter to him to anybody, or that all actions are discredited.

if it is not controlled quickly, the depression is the following stage, and once it is arrived already at this stage it is necessary the consultant’s office of a psychologist. Solutions: To try not to talk about to the problem by means of char it, but, like a conversation that suffers between friendly, therefore is generated a confidence base that permitira to follow to us easily but. First it is to determine that or who to cause that the person feels like inferior. Part but important is to determine those skills that they own and to reinforce them, if it is made him feel that person who is important for something, become great advances. In my case, to go to the psychologist I do not help much, so I recommend to stimulate char them with the friendly (not to look for to him friendly), with those who feels to pleasure. It is good for assigning a responsibility, thus this person will feel that it is good for something Finally, it is necessary to make him understand that he is equal to all the others, and for that it does not have to make it with the typical ones char them, but, giving equal participation him in different subjects from the daily life.