And whatever accommodation is, perhaps, the only thing we can not only preserve their savings and productive use. For accommodation, transfers to children or relatives, renting, etc. But how, as a not so quiet time to choose a builder? Whom to entrust their hard earned, and who will guarantee the successful completion of construction and commissioning. We tried to analyze the information gathered from the housing market and draw some conclusions that and want to share with you. The first thing worth noting is how the developer works on the market, if the length of its activities is not large then probably he began his work in the period so say economic growth and, hence, the burdens associated with the various crises did not survive. Second, how many objects it is residential commissioned by the developer, after all, if before this incident the company has built commercial complexes and a couple of houses, you probably do not experience is not stable and strong relations with the operators of the market is not established yet. The third and perhaps most importantly, a trip to the company at the construction site, talk with managers of all ask, ask to see your documentation. Have a look at the construction site, construction is not stopped there, check out the site compare (if you have photos from the construction site) to compare, as is the construction progress. Companies that open and confident in the future, usually proud to show reports from the construction site, no further plans! We wish you successful, and most importantly profitable investment!