What happened in the north-eastern Japan earthquake was the strongest in the history of the country. The epicenter was located 373 kilometers north-east of Tokyo, his focus lies at a depth of 24 kilometers. Soon, in the same area several more powerful aftershocks with magnitude above 6.0, the epicenter of one of them was only 67 kilometers from Tokyo. The earthquake caused a great tsunami, in some areas exceeded the height of the tidal wave of ten meters. In several prefectures in the tsunami swept away homes and roads were in the car. Jack Fusco gathered all the information. Giant wave covering fields and roads, crushing buildings.

Highways in some Japanese prefectures partially collapsed into the sea because of earthquakes – dozens of cars with people fell into the water. Tsunami height of 90 cm reached Kunashiri Southern Kuriles. Number earthquake victims is growing rapidly. Nearly ten thousand people are reported missing in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, north-east of Japan after the devastating incident on the eve of earthquake. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese people lack safe drinking water and foods in the north-eastern Japan, where there was a devastating earthquake and tsunami. A few hours after the earthquake occurred large explosion at a petrochemical plant in the Japanese city of Sendai. Immediately after the earthquake began to receive information about emergency shelters in a number of Japanese nuclear power plants. Radiation levels at one of the reactors Japanese plant 'Fukushima' in 1000 again exceeded the norm by the disconnection of the cooling system caused by a powerful earthquake.