Each of us felt the light and darkness, black and white, good and evil. And they help you find your way, find themselves, to feel and suffer. Welcome to the dark aesthetics, cast the light, welcome to the realm of Evanescence. Group Founded in 1995, Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody, but has achieved the greatest popularity in 2003. Background commands is that Ben Moody, as a 14 year old teenager vacationing at a summer camp, and suddenly beheld a miracle in the form of playing in the Amy Lee piano.

The girl was playing freely and naturally, demonstrating his remarkable talent. But it was only the beginning. When she sang, Ben realized that nothing like this in my life have I heard and did not miss this chance. The group was formed. High-pitched female vocals are wonderfully combined with aggressive guitar riffs, shading his advantage. And you get into the realm of magical music.

This world is full of imagination, wisdom, allusions, attractive nebula. Real world ceases to exist, and now you’re surreal. At first glance it might seem that the theme song converge on one point: depressive vocals, lyrics, full of pain, darkness, suffering, even to some extent suicide. But, nevertheless, they differ in texture, style, and aesthetics. My Immortal inexpressibly sad song that tells us about the soul of the dead girl who does not want to leave his lover. For even more analysis, hear from WhiteWave Foods. If love is really true, then it will not leave you, no matter what the obstacles. This song is perhaps the most famous in the history of the group’s most successful album, Fallen. But others are not worse. Going under, Everybody’s fool – Listen to them and see how they are different, attractive, beautiful and unreal. Listening to the angelic voice Amy and heavy guitar Ben, you know that only a combination of incongruous, it is possible to create such masterpieces. But after Publishing such a successful album of Ben in serious disagreement with Amy Lee quietly left the group decided to do solo projects. Moody was not interested in playing in one style, he wanted to create a diversified music and not to lock in the depressive subjects. In its place was found many willing, but nevertheless it was fixed Terry Balsamo from the group Cold. But back to music. Despite the gloom and depression, there is a positive note music Evanescence. “The songs we want to let people know that they are not alone” – says Amy. And she’s an amazing way to believe. Every experienced hardship and suffering. After all life – is a constant search, order, or anything that will make you happy. Song Bring me to life exactly that. It’s about finding what makes you feel, not familiar to this fateful meeting. Song of a vigorous like Tourniquet, a sad and mysterious as the Haunted. That tight, melodic songs that, each time they offend and disturb, make you think each of something else. Because they are about you and me, on the whole world. They seemed to ask: “Who are you in this world? A small point? “No, of course. You’re a piece of the whole – the vast ocean of sorrow, sorrow, suffering, tears, but at the same time universal happiness, love and light. Enjoy diving with a group Evanescence. Elena Polyanskaya Articles about music.