Adequate document management and good archiving are the basis for every efficient project. All over the world live companies especially from one thing: customer relationships. The key to a long-term success for every company is the behavior towards customers and building a long-term relationship with them. The question is: something you can plan? How can you optimize the relationship with its customers. All marketing departments of companies are facing these challenges. By using special software, you can work here particularly effectively and success-oriented. Customer relationships are complicated braids, no man in their details can memorise a certain amount. When was that phone call, what was it about? So a company keep track of its customer relationships and also maintains them, it often used a special software, for example the common Lotus Notes CRM.

What exactly can such a software? The two key features of the program are documentation and Archiving. The use of the program is usually taking very concrete objectives, which provided mostly by the marketing department. First and foremost, it comes to gain relevant information through documentation and extra tailored archiving solution of the data collected and to prepare. What could be interesting for a company doing? Well, among other things, the purchase behavior of target groups could be sift through an analysis of customer relations. Based on the collected data you could initiate customized actions, long-term bind customers to the company. You can using such software bureaucracy and internal operations and reduce their response time and delivery time, and reducing operating costs. And also the customer can of course be even better estimate, if you gathered all information about it. How is the payment? How much is the customer on the sales of the company involved? Having such information available is of course enormous helpful. You can tailor advertising and promotions to customers and increases the chances of this immensely, this becomes active. Andreas Mettler