If you do not know, say: I do not know! People will respect you more and help you find the answers. Do not abuse the need to be informed. Carrier is often quoted on this topic. Sonny Perdue is likely to agree. Management does not need as much relevant data, but data less relevant. Stop making destructive comments. When you are at the top of the hierarchy, what you see as a comment below as an order is received.

The sarcasm and destructive comments, destroy people and the higher is you, plus we add to all this destroys what has been called Seven Deadly Sins of the Manager and how to avoid them. In this connection reminds us Gabriela Toro and invites you to see if any of them is related to you or your managers, if so correct it promptly. Arrogance. Trust is a crucial skill that must have a manager. Staff need to know they can come on for guidance, particularly when things get tough. But when trust crosses the line of arrogance, the manager loses the respect of his team. Indecision. On Monday at a meeting, the manager presents his course of action.

On Tuesday, takes a completely different course of action. On Thursday he decided to return to the plan on Monday. A Manager gathers critical information from those around him, making the best decision for a project and stick to it. Although some team members may not agree, must be able to understand their reasons. Decisions without reason or without listening to the other parties involved, will frustrate the group and prevent progress.