"In 1992, following the murder of Maria Elena Moyano, Arena and decided to form mats because we refused to believe that everything had been built in Villa El Salvador, with such force and organization, were destroyed by terrorist violence," says while his hands are found and are accompanied by a sententious tone in his voice. This theater became his voice complaint: "Every actor is a being maverick by nature and does theater with the idea of changing what exists, the system of injustice, inequality, violence." This subversive quality of the theater stayed at Ana Sofia since childhood. He could never believe in angels or ghosts stories told him by his grandparents. But after nearly two decades dedicated to the theater, has become the architect of emotional worlds. Worlds are intertwined and form two lines of action: School of Art and School stock.

The first takes place at the home of Los Alamos, where workshops are taught theater, dance, music and circus, while the other area is a proposal for promotion, social development and intervention in the community through art. As for "people like us, immigrants from the Andes, the theatricality in everyday lives. You can not take the settler of everyday space and lead to a theater. We focus on what we have called vital stage, "said Pinedo. And they of the sports fields, the local community, the school courtyards, theater stages. Spaces become protagonists to 60 teens through "works as" Villa Arena ", which tells the story of Villa el Salvador; 'Mall Road', which speaks of political violence, 'Legends and juggling', production circus and theater very colorful and light, but it develops the legend of the islands of Pachacamac, "enthused with the intention of bringing those experiences to children and teenagers, who like her are able to keep alive his apprentice interior.