As the personages also are children are common that the pupils if identify with some of them. In this project we will go to use the characteristics that identify the Mnica, the Chive, the Magali, the Casco and the Blessed Chico, amongst other personages, to work transversal subjects, as the values: Friendship, Respect, Preservation of the environment, Solidarity, amongst others, with children of three years. II – General objective: The present work has for objective to awake the curiosity of the children and to favor the magnifying of the referring knowledge to the personages of this group, as well as to assist the work of the professors in classroom in playful and pleasant way, in the direction to awake for new techniques in relation to process of cognitivo development of educating, provoking consolidated production of knowledge and concepts. III – Specific objectives: To identify and to nominate the personages of the Group of the Mnica; To identify and to associate characteristics of each personage with the ones of the children; To know and to value the cultivated cultural habits in our society; Identification of the colors from the clothes of the personages of turminha; To value and to stimulate the habits of hygiene and feeding; To value and to stimulate the values, as: respect, friendship, solidarity and cooperation. IV – Methodology: To initiate the project with the inquiry of the previous knowledge of the children with regard to Group of the Mnica and its creator. In the wheel of colloquies, to count in playful way the biography of Maurcio de Sousa. To initiate for Blessed the Chico personage and its turminha, emphasized the aspects and characteristics of this personage (way to speak, to dress, place where deferred payment, foods, tricks and its friends) making reflections on the juninas parties.