To observe as the process of acquisition of reading if process in the initial series of Average Ensino front to the schools of the Municipal Public Net of Itoror? BA. 6.2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To analyze the mechanisms used for the professor to develop the teaching of the reading in the series of Ensino Medium. To identify the difficulties presented for the pupils of the series of Basic Ensino for acquisition of the reading. 7. LITERATURE REVISION 7,1 Panoramas on the reading If the concept of reading is generally restricted to the decipher of the writing, its learning, however, is leagued for tradition to the process of global formation of the individual, to its qualification for the social conviviality and performances, politics, economic and cultural. The species human being has the capacity to represent symbolically the reality and to communicate itself through a system of signs elaborated socially that we call language and that has its concrete accomplishment in the different communicative acts of the individuals. During thousand of years, the men and the women if had communicated verbally through these systems of signs, but throughout history, some social groups had extended its possibilities of communication with the invention of systems of graphical signs, the characteristics of these new codes, such as the stability, the communication in an not-immediate time and a space or the necessity of a specific learning to dominate them, they had allowed to reach sufficiently diverse objectives, since the power derived from the ownership of the sacred word or the distant security in the transmission of laws and orders the land until the diffusion in mass of knowledge.