What is your credit rating now? If you have any charge accounts now, or ever has been paid to the bank to buy a car, or if you ar paying a mortgage, credit no information about you. Until recently, you could only guess what your credit rating was, because the credit bureaus who keep track of borrowers would not tell the borrowers! But that has changed through several laws, and agencies now have to send your credit file when you request it. If you have been denied credit based on their background, will be sent a copy of such record free of charge if you request it within 30 days of the denial of credit. If you have not been denied credit but just want to know what your file says, you must pay a small fee to find out. Why you really have to get your credit report … It’s worth your problem to get your report.

You may find (as thousands do) that is a piece of misinformation that is injuring you without your knowledge, which can be arranged by submitting copies of documentary proof (not originals by post of anything important – can be lost in the e-mail) of bills paid, payments, etc. What if you are “unlisted” If for any reason, you are not on the list, or have enough information about you “charge” of their suitability for credit, you should take corrective measures. What to do if you are new in town If you do not have any records, because they have no cards and no charge accounts, or because you just arrived from out of town, then you better start assembling one.