What if you become a distributor of promotional items. 12 Sells Easter. Season as Easter flowers are excellent value at this time. Everyone wants to have one and you can buy them wholesale and reselling them at a very good price. 13. Taking care of pets. Many they tend to travel and take vacation this year but they need someone to take care your pets, do such a kind of hotel for those little canines? 14 Prepared gifts. Exchanges of gifts are a tradition in enterprises and families.

What about the preparation of economic gifts prepared with some attractive packaging. You could probably sell them very well. 15 Christmas baskets. Another common gift at this time are full of groceries, beverages and cheese baskets. You can assemble your own baskets and offer them at excellent prices especially if they carry a dose of wit in the presentation. 16 Sells ceramic figures.

The figures that adorn the births are in high demand in this season. You can buy them wholesale and reselling them for this purpose. 17 Trees Christmas. If there is a product that everyone wants are Christmas trees. You can buy your own lot and sell for very good prices. 18 Grapes. The grapes are sold per pound like apples and some other fruits of season. You can buy boxes for greater than affordable prices and resell them by the pound and this time sold very well. 19 Tamales. Another typical product of the holiday season are tamales in its different presentations and flavors. If you know the preparation and you like, don’t miss big opportunity to make money. 20 Wines. The campaigns of the 12 are celebrated with wine and shampagne. You can market the wines with your friends, family and co-workers. You need of course a little more than investment. 21. Turkey and pork legs. Other exquisite dishes of time that you can commercialize and thereby earn some good extras already cooked production $. 22 Christmas bread. If the pastry is your thing, you can prepare different options of bread or Muffins from time to sell and share with loved ones. 23 Photos with Santa. Santa Clause is the favorite character of many. Because do not get the disguise and offer with the help of a friend, personal photos with the man’s gifts. They charge very well and the investment is minimal. 24 Liven up in malls. You can assemble your own company’s animations and offer a musical show with Santa at malls. You can charge hourly and administrators of these places will be delighted with having an additional attraction in its shops. 25 Organizes music concerts. If you like the production, you can bring together a group of musicians and choristers and offer concerts in posadas and shopping malls. You’ll surely get high demand and good profits.