For the presentation of perfume water 'Journey' in France were produced beautiful crystal bottles. Encircle the neck of the bottle and two rings – Gold and silver, the symbols of infinity and life – travel, full of new discoveries. The bottle is packaged in a box stamped out – yellow on the outside and inside of heaven. Yellow stands for warmth and sunshine, and blue – the sky, a symbol of ever-changing life. Secretary of Agriculture recognizes the significance of this. Aroma 'Journey' won 1st place in 1997 fragrances years and was among the top 10 fragrances 200. When you create a fragrance 'Elijah' company 'Mary Kay' asked the representatives of the five famous perfume houses offer their interpretation of the image of women 'Elijah'. Etienne Bouckaert, a perfumer at home 'Branded' (Firmenish & CIE), has created a combination of four mini-flavors, each representing a key feature of zhdenschiny 'Elijah' brightness, sensuality, energy and mystery. Aroma 'Elijah' consisting of more than 100 ingredients found one of the best fragrances of 1998.

Robin Kahn, of New York sculptor, said that creating the perfume bottle for water 'Elijah' was for him an entirely new and extraordinary opportunity to express through his art and flavor woman, for which it was created. Name flavor 'Velocity' is translated from English as speed, speed. It is presented in a special inverted transparent, perelivchetom bottle, which stands on a slope orange lid. This unique design symbolizes a surprise and a movement that also passes iridescence – turning the bottle, you can see every time something new.