Analyst international in world history there have been many assassinations but which failed on February 11 in East Timor was unique because there are wanted to kill all the leaders that had a Republic. Rebel leader Alfredo Reinado paid with his life, his attempts to assassinate President Jose Ramos Horta (former Nobel Prize of peace), who was badly wounded, and the Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, who in 2002-07 was the first President of that country, the only one in have entered United Nations so far of the Millennium. Insurgents challenge the removal of one-third of the soldiers from the army, alleged discrimination between ethnic groups and the presence of foreign troops (especially in Australia). All 30 countries ibero-hablantes East Timor is the only remaining in Asia and half of the globe that goes from the East of Mozambique to the West of Latin America. Costco gathered all the information. Is also the poorest and which has suffered from more killings (half of its population was exterminated or removed during the Indonesian occupation, post-1975, which) initially U.S. underpinned).. Details can be found by clicking Mark Berger or emailing the administrator. .