Many people in life is a ritual – it is set aside and accumulate pending case. Yes many of you are thinking – yes I know this is all I have heard many times so … Ok, then I ask you a question: 'Are you a full As introduced and are using in your life, so that you know? Honestly answer the question: 'When was the last time something set aside for later? " Unfortunately, very often we are not noticing much know only at the level of knowledge, but level of application of this very stradaet.My themselves come up with excuses himself to ignore it and continue to search for the magic pill at the level of knowledge. And all because at the moment when we found there was sufficient motivation to implement, were not created for this right of association, did not have time or something else, or moon in the constellation of the scales was not and we decided to postpone for 34 martobrya … (insert to your taste).

Did this ritual, and later has become a habit for many (I have previously included) since high school or university, when he had to do something that does not really love, some homework and stuff. Is not THAT really wanted. Remember how in the university in the evening or at night before examinations began to teach? And as was the crowbars before summer session to teach, when you could go to the beach with the girls? The most interesting is that the same thing is happening to us now, seeing some cool idea or project, it lights up, begin to do and often it is hammered, very often it happens when success is not a 5-minute affair, and the result is sometimes far away.