Reduce belly fat through mistakes this abdominal fat reduced by healthy diet and effective training. What mistakes should be avoided if one wants to reduce his belly fat quickly and effectively. Belly fat is one for almost all the worst group of fat”. It is not easy to fight it and specifically it works once not. The only way is generally to reduce his body fat percentage. Reduce belly fat in other words the body fat percentage reduce.

Avoid it should following error if you want to reduce belly fat: 1 on toning muscles without huge energy wasters are in hibernation calorie consumption and thus continuously help to reduce body fat 2. On boring cardio endurance put to the fast belly fat reduce in the famous endurance training was recommended for years to run in a particular fat combustion pulse and the at least 40 minutes. This method is now obsolete and there is largely agreement that there is no fat combustion pulse and the intensive training is much more effective from E.g. 20-30 minutes and successful as a less intensive training which is carried out longer. That means harder work for less. So anyone who wants to reduce his belly fat, should perform a combination of muscle training in conjunction with a good interval training. A very good interval workout is for example the alternation between 50-100 metres sprints and 1.5 minutes of light jogging.

Reduce a further advantage to the belly fat because you use this is that greater use of the body during the training and thus after the workout more energy required to regenerate again. During this recovery time, calories are consumed so again increase which of course helps to reduce belly fat. A free report as well as good example reduce the belly fat exercises can be found on our website.