To increase working capital turnover acceleration and thereby to shorten the production cycle, is achieved by reducing the time of the working period and breaks in production process. This is achieved in two ways: a) The improvement of techniques and technologies, and b) increase the level of organization of production. Processing time and break time is significantly reduced as a result of improving the design of products, improve its workability, the most efficient implementation of efficient processes, improve the level of mechanization and automation, application of robotics. Reducing complexity of technological operations is achieved through the use of b / Greater than perfect equipment, metal replacement plastics, use of effective special and universal tooling, using a PC, allow you to choose the optimal treatment regimens parts. To improve the process control, transportation and storage of parts appropriate to their combination of process cycle time, as is the case, for example, rotary transfer lines. The use of statistical methods for quality control and management processes can switch from continuous monitoring for selective, thus reducing the time of control operations.

Reducing the time of transportation and warehouse operations is achieved by means of their mechanization and automation, thus not only accelerate their implementation, but also creates a high degree of reliability of service production process. Reduce manufacturing cycle time reduction can be achieved by natural processes, such as the introduction at natural convection forced air circulation, as well as by reducing the time intervals produced by equipment failure, lack of materials, equipment and other causes of poor organization of production. The applied methods of production have an impact on all elements of the production cycle. Increase the parallelism of works reduces the complexity of technology and time for transportation. Reducing interruptions is achieved by increasing shift work, the use of parallel-sequential processing method of the Party instead of a serial, streamlining recreation workers, application of effective operational and scheduling. To determine the reserves to reduce the duration of the production cycle route held photography. Their analysis allows us to identify individual stage of the cycle, where there are opportunities to reduce them, so can be obtained significant effects. An analysis of the calculation formulas duration of the production cycle can be identified for ways to reduce it as decrease in the party details, the definition of start-up sequence of parts in processing, extension of shift working equipment, optimize the production cycle in the processing of parts of several items by defining priority for them. The latter problem can be solved by linear and dynamic programming, sequential design with branches and graphs into a tree, matrix methods of modeling production process. In the development of network diagrams making complex and labor-intensive analysis of the critical path to reducing it.