Each one of the members of the previous pairs put all their persistence in giving itself to the pair that as much wants and needs. Nevertheless, each creates to love its pair by on all the things but in fact it exists a great absence and a great forgetfulness to themselves. The woman who waits for hours and hours, does not tell on esteem his time, to its needs, to which it wants and at the mercy of the time and of the tyranny of the other, waits for, because it cannot or it does not notice, that it is able to be a worthy person of confidence, esteem and respect, if at a certain time, she herself it could to occur to itself that time that anxiously waits for the pair that by nth time, has not arrived at the hour that said to him but it does not matter, she is able to hope, because with such acts it creates, to demonstrate its love, which does not know, at heart, it is that what shows is not more than a scorn way, but against itself then and, to love the other means to forget to me me. In the other aspect referring us to the worthy man of distrust its own one was worth, to the esteem than it gives the pair, needs by all the ways to become presents/displays not to fall in the desperation of what: of the forgetfulness, the abandonment, the infidelity. It puts in the woman, what I say in the woman, her relation with her, his was worth, his power, his hombra. Why it needs to control watched of the woman, metaphorically speaking, in such a way that the confidence is centered in the relation? In order to finish off nobody one really is living in the pair relation, both members are totally immersed in his own ways to embonar within a pair. But in fact nobody manages to see itself, to realize that its ways to love the other, is a forgetfulness to themselves.

It is important to emphasize that while each one of the members of the pair is not nourished to itself and so it requires and it needs and it hopes that his average orange them than they need to love itself themselves. What I want to stand out it is that if we cannot occur what we required to confirm in our needs, in our tastes, desires and quereres, nobody is going them to us to grant. Yes to love the other means to absent to me of me, then surely I will be living a life towards the dependency and the lack of affection every one chooses its way the reality is that only you can choose the one that more. To review the personal biography is not a easy way, but liberating and enriching to be able to know if to its it constructs it pair it destroys or it, yes is constructive or destructive, first it is to trust his own appreciations and feelings, the unique way to know it, are to recognize yes spends greater time in situations of well-being or of malaise the honesty is a powerful tool in this project to live on two a If they interest the subjects to him of this column escrbame and but also.