SCHOOL NEORA – a new type of schools. School of whole perception of the world, which is formed by the new construction as well as thematically according to the purpose. Such questions should not be – what I live, what is the meaning of life, there is a soul. For man claims to be reasonable, these topics are not under question mark, they are available in a planned and phased study. Know thyself, is the key to understanding the world. We all do not live separately in the variety of the world, we are an integral part of the world. After studying part can understand that as a whole.

Hologram – this phenomenon is incorporated in all. Knowledge of parts, gives an idea of the whole. The evolution of humanity as a whole, it provided a number of factors not amenable to study scientific methods in dealing with such areas of science. What is knowable from the soul, it may not be the subject of study for intelligence. Self-knowledge space opens many opportunities and target prospects themselves as individuals osoznayushey veshey the essence and the universe.

The fact that the evolution of mechanical natural mechanism could not bring a new level of spiral development, aware of this, but not completely understood. There is a simple statement facts – the human race at a dead end. But not all went into this blind alley. Parallel were those who not only reached in the evolution of possible levels of development, as well as developed the technology of accelerated evolution of consciousness. Not all lost, and can be naverstat.Magiya – is a huge reservoir of knowledge, knowledge of these laws include the world – the real, the strength of all plans and subplans, self-discovery. Just work on yourself with a clear technology and compliance with all rules and regulations, makes it possible get first and then the second magic circle. The first – a cleansing of the body, the correct way of life, learning the magic of technology development, and only then proceed to the passage of the levels of the tree of life – Sephiroth. The assemblage point is fixed at all on the first level of being, this level of mechanical reactions to external stimuli. This way of life op primitive compared with other levels of being. For those who want to go further and followed by the development of school NEORA open all the features of the stages of development and a correct understanding of this path.