With less also it is possible to be happy. I leave a track him: if it cannot pay, is because is not deserved. It will already have time to obtain it if it makes the things suitably as I explain to him more ahead. 2) Librese of debts. Once fit the expenses, it is the moment for ending the debts. Sometimes it has had curiosity to know the interests that take paid of that loan or that one credit card that it removed to buy the plasma TV or that vehicle that it has parked in the house door? It makes east exercise. Perhaps it discovers that if had saved that money plus the interests that takes paid, it had possibly been able to buy it cash. 3) Is pleased to same you.

Thus it is. Every month, of the total of income that has obtained, 10% are pleased to same you than it enters destining it to a reserve fund for emergencias. The amount of that bottom must be like minimum the equivalent to which would need to live during 6 months without generating no entrance. This will be used to him for any incidence that arises: own disease or of a relative, loss of the work, any catastrophe, hopefully never it must make use of him! , but it must be there. 4) Creates its financial bottoms. If or it has its bottom of emergencias, it is possible to be considered out of danger, or at least it enjoys certain security before any unforeseen circumstance.

Now, that 10% that came destining to the bottom of emergencias destnelo a to create its financial bottom. It accumulates capital to multiply making it investments with which to obtain a gain. It does not have why to hope to accumulate a great capital. It is sufficient to begin with a financial bottom equivalent to 1,000 $ the USA. When it reaches this number, it continues destining this bottom 10% of the income that it generates. It does not lose the discipline. 5) Lets grow its money. When it has his first 1,000 $ the USA in its financial bottom, it will know that it is the moment for beginning to multiply them. Congratulations. You in the correct way are towards your financial freedom. He begins with small businesses. With the practice and the knowledge he could be increasing his capital and facing investments that require a greater capital. He is prudent, he learns on finances and businesses, and analyzes the opportunities that appear to him. In blog he will be able to develop and to learn some concepts on personal finances, as well as to accede to the freshest information of the present economy in Mexico. He does not stop visiting this blog to assure his success in the way towards the financial freedom.