— Excellent, thus we will be able to talk, therefore I also read very. When seeing my look of incredulity, seemed offended. — Vocs the human beings, think that they know everything. I also well am informed, therefore I read periodicals displayed in the board here to the side. Moreover, when my owner cochila during the afternoon, I frequent its library, which is very diversified. Each time was more made an impression with the citizen. Philosopher was about a dog.

Looked at it me with altivez and sketched an ironic smile pparently. — Vocs is very presumptuous. For its knowledge it knows that I am of noble lineage. Therefore one of my ancestor was famous dog of Schopenhauer. — It pulls, I not wise person! It more counts something to me on you. — My existence is very hard.

I lost the faith in vocs the human beings. Rocks play me, receive insults, never are in agreement. You are the first one with who you make friendship. I wait that he does not disappoint me. We are some moments in silence. I noticed that it looked at fixture for my pocket, while some drops of saliva drained of its language. — What happens with you, is if feeling badly? — You do not understand. It is the salivao process. By chance never he heard to speak of Pavlov, that Russian comrade who studied our conditional consequences? He is that I am desiring more bolachinhas. He ate some and after some instants he came back to speak. — He knows, I am thinking about launching my candidacy — You! However, they only see, this already is atrevimento excessively for a dog. — It is what it thinks. It stows studying the subject and it verified that already it had precedents in the world that the human beings call animal. — How thus, I am not understanding? — Nor it seems that you read.