Wireless headphones are wireless electronic devices that are placed in the ears or ears and allow you to listen to audio. Wireless headphones operate as conventional, headphones with the difference in the absence of cables, and constitute one of the most common applications of wireless technologies. Phones, players MP3 and MP4, consoles or computer equipment allow to transmit sound regardless of the cable, favoring the comfort of use and privacy. Description wireless headphones allow the user to move without the limitations of cable while listening to audio. Basically, the wireless headphone consist of two components: base station: it is the transmitter of origin and is connected to the audio source using a headphone jack or a RCA output.

Devices with rechargeable battery are flattened at the base to recharge them. Headphones: they have receiver, amplifier, speakers and battery. The receiver receives the signal and the amplifier makes it sound in the speakers. The battery supplies power. When you purchase a wireless headset are several factors that should be set are: transmission technology: determines the scope, coverage and sound quality. Applications: there are specific models for different applications. Battery: autonomy, recharging time, type of charger. Transmission technologies there are different technologies in wireless headphones to send the signal from the base to the handset.

Infrared: it is one of the most commonly used indoor at low cost and the quality of the sound. The range is 30 meters and you need direct vision with the base station. DECT: is the standard technology for wireless phones. The range is 100 meters but the sound quality is inferior. Radio frequency: it is based on the transmission of signals of radio (FM). Your fingertips round the 100 meters, which is the sign of high quality. Bluetooth: is the standard technology for associating devices together. Its range is 10 meters, and the sound quality deteriorates quite at a greater distance. Applications there are different types of headphones wireless depending on the use to which are designed, varying much weight, size, scope, autonomy and technology employed. Headphones Wireless for fixed telephones: the base connects to the fixed phone, DECT or Bluetooth technology they employ, they incorporate microphone. Headphones Wireless for wireless phones: use DECT technology, so that the handset is logged as another terminal. Built-in microphone. Headphones Wireless Internet VoIP: the base connects to the PC via the USB port, use Bluetooth technology, incorporates microphone. Headphones Wireless for mobile phones with Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology they employ and incorporate microphone. Headphones Wireless for other devices: TV, PC, MP3 use infrared or FM technology. They have different connectors to be compatible with numerous types of pins existing in multimedia computers. Batteries in wireless headphones can be found two solutions, rechargeable batteries or non-rechargeable AAA batteries. Regarding the magazine, often act as such the base itself but on occasions it has stand-alone charger.