She also gave a contemptuous nickname of the electorate – “biomass”! In other words – is pus, worms, and worms. “She” is so highly lifted itself not only that people believe in biomass, but Verkhovna Rada called “meaningless.” Did Mrs. Julia that having called Parliament “senseless,” she called pointless and members of his “unique team,” which is one third of the parliament. But if in another country, someone had called as the supreme legislative body, then he would be sitting in jail. And our “clever” claim at the moment for President of Ukraine! In a civilized society, even the mentally ill is not accepted call meaningless. And here all this assessment to Parliament! Then who the voters? Another contender for the presidency Yatsenyuk equated Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the “pigsty” and the Ukrainians took it quietly.

Who else after such a “high ratings”, which we give to ourselves, to respect us as a civilized nation? Still remember how Leonid Kuchma vowed to wage a resolute struggle “with fat cats.” This slogan has been and Orange banners. But the “fat cats” only added to the weight and become tycoons! Now, to please the voters Yulia Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk, Viktor Yushchenko, and others, given the hatred of people for fattened oligarchs, just before the elections are also trying to get a job “biomass”, “beastly”, and declared a “war of the oligarchs.” Who? Themselves? Many voters have already noticed how cleverly Tymoshenko, Yanukovych, Yushchenko others are shying away from specific questions about the veracity of his declaration of income, estates, and the like. However, whether such power be trusted? For 20 years we have pushed back a half century ago. If in Soviet times we were all “equal among equals,” but now more and more of our light-fingered “elite” can be heard in ordinary Ukrainians address touchy “lowbrow,” “herd,” “bums,” “lumpen proletariat”. And this is the voice of those who have 15-20 years ago differed from others, only impudence and shamelessness. Wow haughtiness!